Pronoia lab is the sum of the artistic projects that I have developed in my life. As a small description, I will say that my name is Lucia, I was born in the north of Spain but grew up in the south. Since I was little I was passionate about painting, animals and fantasy worlds. I have lived as a nomad for as long as I can remember, travel and movement inspire me and make me grow, they are naturally in my essence.

Throughout my life I have explored so many forms of artistic expression in order to unleash my creative stream in new and challenging ways. However, the constant change and the development of new techniques have always created difficulties for me when it comes to defining myself artistically. When they ask me what you are or what you do, sometimes I find it difficult to give a precise answer. Because we live in a society that strives to label and structure everything, in order to define it in a limiting way, which is ultimately transferred to the way we see ourselves.

From the need to break with all these impositions, Pronoia Lab was born. Pronoia Lab is an individual artistic claim, it is the sum of everything that I do and am, turned into a project with multiple creative variables, which draws on different aspects and produces numerous styles , techniques and products.